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I can never remember a time where I felt deeply saddened by a death of someone I did not know.

I was a child when Tupac and Biggie were killed. I didn’t grow up with Michael Jackson and Prince, their deaths didn’t affect me much. …

Dear Internet,

Keep me accountable. I have set a goal for the Lord’s year twenty thousand and eighteen of reading one book every month.

That’s only 12 books for the entire year. This is not a monumental task for me but a very specific one which I’ve been neglecting over…

Find a monopoly and poke a hole in it (Luxottica — Warby Parker, Gilette — Harrys, 3 Hotel Chains — AirBNB, Taxi — Uber etc.).

I won’t lie I had to check twice how to spell ephemerality.

Now that I have the linguistics down I want to talk about it in the digital age. Over the past year the concept of ephemeral messages or non-permanent streams of creation has taken over the internet. …

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After a good time spent searching how to do this online, I thought it would be helpful to write a blog post about it.

I am…

I started using sublime text (RIP textmate) and it’s been awesome so far. I wanted to create a short list of the shortcuts, tips and tricks that I’ve found most useful:

cmd+p — Go to Anything
cmd+ctrl+p — Switch Project

cmd+shift+d — Duplicate Line
ctrl+enter — Insert line after
ctrl+shift+enter —…

Think of how you feel when you are angry, afraid, and grief-stricken. Bear in mind the physical feelings that accompany these emotions — fear, grief and rage — produce chemical changes in our bodies. They do the same to animals. Their blood pressures rise. Adrenaline courses through their bodies. You…

I just finished Alan Watts’ autobiography “In My Own Way”.

It’s an amazing read and definitely going down as one of my all-time favourites. Interestingly enough I’ve always had a fascination with buddhism and an eerie appreciation for oriental mysticism.

We are attracted to the unfamiliar and growing up in…

Two years ago I emailed my friend Jesal and told him to meet me in Union Square to talk about an idea that I had.

I had known Jesal for years. He was one of my good friends at NYU and we shared the similar passions of music and entrepreneurship…


Engineer. Entrepreneur. Explorer. I’m here to shake up the world.

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