Dear Internet,

Keep me accountable. I have set a goal for the Lord’s year twenty thousand and eighteen of reading one book every month.

That’s only 12 books for the entire year. This is not a monumental task for me but a very specific one which I’ve been neglecting over the years. Growing up in Bermuda I used to be a voracious reader, everything from science to history to books about football. I lost that eagerness for plain text somewhere between college and becoming an adult and now is the time to rekindle that flame.

Quite simply I don’t care what kind of books I read this year. In fact it would be great if I ventured outside my usual realm of technology, business and self-improvement. I hope to check out some fiction, psychology and philosophy books this year as well. The most important thing is that I READ, first and foremost.

Typing code everyday has given me an appreciation for the alphanumeric wonder that is the human language. When I write code I’m reminded of all of the ebbs and flows of words, sentence structure, paragraphs, and chapters that make up a book. A major difference is the alphanumeric text written in books do not need to be compiled or executed at runtime, the inspiration and wonder can be found immediately between the characters.

I once read that the common thread amongst successful people is exercise, prayer (or meditation) and reading. I haven’t reached that position yet but will be sure to check back in once I get there. And by that point hopefully have read an additional dozen or so books.

Later internet.

Young djedi in training. The story of a kid from Bermuda.

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